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Dressing a table is integral to the dining experience in any food service business and finding the right look and feel for your cuisine and service style is a key element.  Whether a casual cafe service or a full scale fine dining experience, HCH stocks and can source some of the most unique or bulk purchased products on the market.

Let our team understand exactly what  your business is trying to achieve by meeting one on one.  We will provide the ideal solution within your budget parameters utilising our extensive years of experience in the industry.


HCH Crockery


Service crockery is one of the most individual decisions a food service business can make.  It should reflect not only the cuisine you will be serving, but the clientele and level of service you are providing patrons.  HCH are on hand to navigate the extensive options available in this space to support this most individual decision.

HCH Cutlery


Like crockery, cutlery is suprisingly varied in regards to design and functionality.  HCH can assist with pairing the perfect cutlery design with your service crockery, to provide a cohesive experience for your customers.

HCH Food Service

Food Service

Finding the perfect service item for those 'out of the box' dishes can make or break it's success.  From shared platters to unique 'wow' factor presentation, HCH knows exactly what products are on the market and which align perfectly for your business needs.

HCH Beverage Service

Beverage Service

Gone are the days of a simple carafe in the middle of the table.  Add to the experience of your diners with an gorgeous and memorable service vessel for that special bottle of wine.  Or keep guests wine chilled with a beautifully designed and function ice bucket.

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