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What We Stock

HCH has earned itself a reputation across the hospitality and healthcare sector in South Australia, of not only quality and affordable products but a level of customer service second to none.

Consideration of each individual customer's needs, budget and clientele ensure that the products that are recommended fulfill these expectations and requirements.

Drawing from an extensive range of equipment and suppliers ensures that stock availability is never an issue along with an ability to cater for different budget constraints.

Customers old and new are encouraged to visit us at our Showroom in Holden Hill to view the range and portfolio of products and equipment.  Contact us on (08) 8369 2699 to arrange an appointment. 

Alternatively one of our friendly sales team would be happy to visit you in your venue and business to discuss your needs and requirements.

HCH Eco Products

Working with customers to provide the perfect Eco solution for your dine-in and take away service

HCH Tableware

Complimentary to all types of service our huge range of tableware can be a point of difference for your business

HCH Glass & Barware

HCH not only stocks a huge range of glassware for all budget types, but we provide on-site glass etching for that high end personalised finish.

HCH Chef Utensils & Baking

From Chef's aprons to knives and all that is in between - we can fit out your kitchen with all the necessary utensils for a smooth service

HCH Commercial Cooking Equipment

A huge range of Commercial Cooking Equipment including Combi Ovens, Dishwashers and Grills

HCH Aged & Health Care

One of the most experienced suppliers to the Aged & Health Care sectors in Australia, providing a consultancy service to ensure the products and solutions you require can be delivered

Our Services

HCH stands by the products it sells and supports Customers with both preventative maintenance plans and warranty servicing on the brands it supplies.


Customers can rest easy knowing that the ongoing relationship between themselves and HCH moves well past the initial transaction.  Email or phone 8369 2699 to arrange your equipment service needs.

Get a Quote

How can HCH support your business?  Reach out now via email for further information on our products, pricing, ranges or service support.

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