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Eco Products

HCH is a proud stockist of the BioPak range.  

BioPak are dedicated to the environmentally responsible production, distribution, use and disposal of their products.  From compostable coffee cups to good quality take away service containers and cutlery, BioPak leads the industry in environmentally friendly solutions to all hospitality and food service industries.

For a full range of products or to learn more about the BioPak difference follow the below link.


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HCH Bio Cups - Hot Beverages

Bio Cups

For the safest, most hygienic
and sustainable alternative, choose
BioCups and Lids,  certified carbon neutral by the Carbon Reduction Institute.  Personalise your order with your business logo or brows the BioPak Artseries designs.

HCH Sugar Cane Crockery

Sugar Cane Crockery

Sugarcane pulp is an abundant and rapidly renewable resource that will biodegrade in a compost environment, making it an ideal material for foodservice disposables.

HCH Bio Cutlery


Made from FSC® certified Birchwood. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) is the industry benchmark for sustainably managed wood and wood products.

HCH Cardboard Straws

Paper Staws

BioPak BioStraws are certified paper sourced from managed plantations. Carbon neutral, commercially and home compostable.  Available in straight straws and bendy straws in a variety of colours.

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