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Aged & Health Care

Our dedicated Aged and Health Care support staff at HCH have developed a reputation for their high level support and understanding of the industry needs in relation to food service in a health care setting.

From the intricacies of food transport in and around facilities, to the functional needs of patients when consuming food and beverage, HCH has a grasp on not only these business needs but the most suitable products available on the market and the budgetary implications on your business.

Read more about how our team has assisted other Age and Health Care services, and reach out to us for a one on one consultation.


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HCH Aged Care Food Service Equipment


Insulated and non-insulated crockery and beverage vessels come in a broad range of sizes, design and function.  HCH will create a functional and affordable portfolio of products suited specifically for your age or health care facility.

HCH Aged Care Food Service Transport


One of the most important, and extremely complicated areas of food service, particularly in health and aged care sectors, in the transport of hot and cold meals.  HCH works closely with clients to understand their operational needs to achieve the most cost effective and effective solution.

HCH Aged Care Food Lids & Covers

Lids & Covers

HCH has access to a wide range of covers, perspex or disposable suitable for purpose in your age or health care facility.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the ideal product for your needs and spend time understanding your business needs and operations.

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