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Commercial Cooking Equipment

The term 'Commercial Cooking Equipment' is extremely broad and captures a great number of products and items.  It is also exactly what HCH has formed it's reputation on.

Not only finding and supplying the ideal product for each clients purpose, but to support with after sale service and warranty support.

From ovens and grills, to fridges and appliances, the reach and range that HCH can provide clients ensures the most cost effective and fit-for-purpose product is selected for each individual client.


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HCH Commercial Refirgeration


HCH stores and supplies a huge range of commercial refrigeration equipment suitable for all food and beverage service areas.  From display fridges to tall and under-bench fridges, HCH can provide the right solution to your new or existing space.

HCH Commercial Cooking Equipment

Cooking Equipment

HCH proudly stocks some of the most reputable cooking equipment brands in the world, including Australia's own, Stoddart Manufacturing.  The ranges available include Combi-ovens, deep fryers, pie warmers or commercial grills and flat plates.

HCH Food Transportation

Food Transport

One of the most important, and extremely complicated areas of food service, particularly in health and aged care sectors, in the transport of hot and cold meals.  HCH works closely with clients to understand their operational needs to achieve the most cost effective and effective solution.

HCH Commercial Catering Machines

Commercial Machines

HCH regularly works with Chef's and Cooks to supply the best commercial appliances for purpose.  This includes heavy duty mixers and stick blenders, along with food processors and a huge range of other products to increase efficiencies in commercial kitchens.

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